Gautam Gambhir Lashes Out At Afridi Over His Kashmir Tweet And Afridi Slams Him With A Smooth Response

Kashmir has become a prominent issue Worldwide and everyone has their own opinion on the matter. But the fire specifically between Pakistanis and Indians is growing intense. Celebrities on both sides of the border are having clashes that bringing hostility among them. The recent celebrity clash happened yesterday as Gautam Gambhir lashes out at Shahid Afridi on the Kashmir Issue.

Afridi posted a tweet regarding Kashmir. He said that he will visit the LoC to express his solidarity with the Indian Occupied Kashmiris. His decision was driven based on the abrogation of article 370 that gave special status to IOK.

However, Gautam Gambhir didn’t take his tweet well and lashed out on Afridi in a tweet.

The cricketer-turned-politician posted a picture in his tweet with a caption describing his action. He said that in this picture Afridi is asking for ways to embarrass himself in an attempt to prove that he has failed to mature. And that he is ordering help with online kindergarten tutorials.

Gautam Gambhir was referring to the tweet which Afridi posted in response to the Prime Minister’s call. Imran Khan had announced that a 30 minutes session will be held every week in Pakistan to express solidarity with Kashmiris. Afridi tweeted saying he is responding to the prime minister’s call. Also informing his fans that he will be at Mazar-e-Quaid on Friday. And his fans should join him too. Furthermore, he said that he will be visiting the home of an LoC Shaheed on 6 September and will later visit LoC.

Previously Afridi had called out for International interference of the United Nations and the US to resolve the matter after the abrogation of Article 370. Because of Article 370 issue government of Pakistan is considering the total airspace ban for India and CAA announced Alternate Routes for flights.

Afridi’s Response To Gautam Gambhir

The kind of comment that Gautam Gambhir passed on Afridi would infuriate anyone. But Afridi keeps his calm and slams him with a response that Gambhir might be least expecting. He reminded the cricketer of the remarks that Paddy Upton, a former coach for the Indian team, passed on for Gautam Gambhir. The coach said that Gambhir was one the most mentally insecure and weak person he had ever worked with.

So Afridi didn’t say much in the tweet. He just used the words of the former coach and didn’t get dirt on himself. Afridi wrote that he recalls the words of the former coach Paddy Upton whenever Gambhir tries to make himself relevant. The words were quoted in a picture that Afridi attached to his tweet.

Wasn’t this the smoothest response ever?!

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However, this isn’t the first time that the two have had a clash. Afridi and Gautam Gambhir have had several clashes previously on the matter of Kashmir.

Afridis Tweet Over Unprovoked Aggression

Earlier this month, Afridi posted a tweet mentioning the inhumane treatment with Kashmiris and the unprovoked aggression that was being practiced by the Indian government in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Gautam Gambhir replied To the tweet of Afridi saying that the all-rounder was spot on and should be lauded. But what he forgot to mention was that the aristocracies were happening in Pakistani Kashmir and not Indian.

We can all agree that Gautam Gambhir’s responses have no relevance whatsoever. As he is targetting Afridi on a matter that the whole world realizes the rights and wrongs on. And visiting the shaheeds isn’t something immature or is it? Anyway.

Whether it be Indians or Pakistanis, the lives of a human should matter no matter how much hostile relations are. This is what needs to be understood. Let’s hope that the International Authorities help Kashmiris get their rights back and the efforts of Pakistan turn out to be fruitful.

What do you think about the Celebrity clashes on the serious matter of Kashmir? Let us know in the comments.

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