PM Imran Khan All Set To Visit The Two Big Rival Countries!

The newly elected PM of Pakistan has been up to making major visits to various developed countries. So he could improve the foreign relations of Pakistan. Previously he had been to Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Now he is about to go for the big rivals the USA and Russia. He was invited by the Presidents of both countries, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

PM Khan Is Set To Invite Trump Over A Pakistan Visit

Imran Khan will first be visiting the American Leader on July 22 in Washington. Where he is intending to invite Trump over to visit Pakistan. And the visit to Russia is said to be scheduled in September.

The even more interesting news that broke out on Friday by senior officials was that Khan will invite Trump over to visit Pakistan. The senior officials said that the trust level between the USA and Pakistan has been improving. And according to PM Imran, these relations could be boosted if the US President pays a visit to Pakistan. The invite wouldn’t be suggested as a formality but PM Pakistan will provide some legit reasons why Trump’s visit to Pakistan holds significance.

Although we don’t know how to react to this news, we do have our eyes and ears on what Trump’s response will be.


Khan To Propose Peace Talk With India And Afghan

Another official informed that on this trip PM Imran will assure President Trump that Pakistan wanted to work for peace in Afghanistan and the region, with the US. The focus of this visit will be on improving bilateral relations. Since the US is seeking help from Pakistan to find a way out of Afghanistan. Where the US has been stuck at war for 17 years. While Pakistan is progressing talks with Afghani leaders successfully.

He also added that PM Khan will make commitments for peace talks with India. He will try and convince the US to play a role in resolving the Kashmir issue. Since it is vital to prevail in instability in the region. Read more for more international news

Well, resolving the decades-long dispute between India and Pakistan would be a piece of cake with the help of the US, right?


The relationship between the two countries was not very credible in the past because of some aggressive language from Trump’s side. However, the PM is trying to mend the relation by his visit.

Expanding Ties With Russia

The visit of the Pakistani leader to Eastern Economic Forum in Russia is based on the invite President Putin gave to him at the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Putin asked him to visit as a special guest to the forum.

During the talk, PM Imran expressed his intent to improve ties between Russia and Pakistan since the Cold War was long over. The PM mentioned that throughout the Cold War Pakistan was in alliance with the US. And ever since both the countries have been remained in different camps. But now its time for things to change.

Military Cooperation And Trade With Russia

He also showed interest in military cooperation with Russia saying that they have already somewhat progressed in it. The defense forces of Russia and Pakistan are in cooperation and hope to deepen their contacts.

“But, yes, we are looking for arms from Russia, and I know our military is already in touch with the Russian military,” said Khan.

Besides defense, PM also plans to develop trade between Russia and Pakistan.

“Russia is an energy-surplus country. Pakistan has shortages in energy, so we hope to talk on those areas. We already are. Apart from defense, we want to also improve our trade in other areas with Russia,” the Pakistan premier was quoted as saying.

What do you think about the growing ties between Russia and Pakistan? Share your views in the comments.


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